The Report Card is a book about a kid named Nora that is a really, really smart child! She can look at single pieces to sort a puzzle! Nora doesn't want to perform to other people at all! So she kept it a secret. At the age of 2 she taught herself how to read. In Kindergarten she did not want other people to think she was weird, so she acted like a cat, she got milk and poured it in a plastic bowl and drank it like a cat, and people thought she was really weird. So she decided to be a copycat. She first copied Stephen. First he did a puzzle and then he practiced his A's, so Nora practiced her B's, so she wouldn't be suspicious to Stephen. After that she copied everybody else in the class.


In the middle of the book there was CMT test and Stephen had pressure on him......ummm.......kind a low, low, low score and he thought he was dumb. So Nora decided to get at least three out of ten answers wrong. So she got Ds and 1 C. The C was in spelling and she made a plan. The plan was she would get an average score on the tests so nobody would think she was smart. But then in the library she forgot to log out of the computer and the librarian, Mrs. Byrn, was checking the computer to see if everybody logged out. Nora was not logged out and she was on a special web site on the Internet. So Mrs. Bryn read it and she printed it out and when Nora came back the next day Mrs. Byrn asked her to come to the front desk and she handed Nora at lest 15 pages of the web sites she was on. Nora was reading it to Mrs. Bryn and then Mrs. Byrn stopped her and asked her what these are. So Mrs. Bryn busted her.


Merton, a special ed boy, was teasing Stephen because he thought in some point in his life time someone could go to the sun. Nora was listening to him and she turned around on her stool and started talking about the sun and Dr. Trindler heard her! So Dr. Trindler knew she was not an average student at all! Stephen called her and then they made a plan. So on Monday students got 0's as part of the plan. I think this was a bad plan because it was not thought through. And then there was a big meeting with everybody. Then the way home Stephen and Nora meet eye to eye and everything was dun!