I had a iPod touch and it inspired me to branch out and inspired myself to my math and my school.

1# Mathtables

I played mathtables and it was very cool, fun and productive! You have to try this to get your brain active!:) Mathtables are good for your brain and your brain fluids. I BEAT Ms. White!

2# Mind Teaser

It is for a school program and a iPod. It is a, well, a MIND TEASER.You have put the bubbles's in the right places and do it before the time run's out. You really need skill to do this game!

3# Gold Rush

You need to try to get gold until the back pack is full then you go to the bank and deposit the gold and you can buy things you can use to get the big gold. They're are 4 sizes of gold, small, small big, medium and giante. You need to get eglets 3 star's, each level is a diffrint 3 star high score.

4# Waterslide

You need to stay away from the crabs and the divl duck's, get the diamon's (points) and the heart's (live's). DO NOT FALL OFF or you will die! You have to get as much score as you can without dying.

5# Tower FREETower Free is a fun, active and enjoyable game. You need to make buildings without dying. Make it as tall as you can.There are quick game, build city, party game and more games. I usually go to build city. I made a really big city with different powers and diifferent heights and you get four lives. You will like it if you play it and you get a lot of towers.


SUDOKU has 4# level's, easy, medium, hard and expert. Sudoku is a challenge, you need to get 1-9# in line or a square not in a diagonal line. It doesn't have to be in order, it can be in 723645819 or 918546372 or 192837465 or 564738291.

7# Flpsiey