Hi my name is Sophie.

I like to read Junie B. Jones books and Magic Tree House!

I have a big sister named Emma.

I had a lot of hair on my head when I was a baby.

My sister looks just like me, we have the same hair color.........red!

We have freckles and we both are short but my Dad is very tall but my Mom is short too.

My aunt, Beth, is my Mom's sister.

My other aunt, is Jan, she is my Mom's next sister.

I really like our two cats.

One is yellow and his name is Cheddar.

The other one is black and her name is Sarah.

I named her after my babysitter/teacher because we found her at her house.

The first time Sarah was in the house she was under a server and she wouldn't come out.

The first time Cheddar was in the houes he was in the bathroom and we couldn't let him out.

Tonight I wish all the sleet was snow.